Intro to Web Accessibility and Its Benefits

Thank you!

Our webinar was a great success! Thank you to all the attendees – and of course to Bet for sharing her wisdom and recommendations on website accessibility!

Please watch the video replay below for all the informative details covered in our webinar. Thanks again!

Intro to Web Accessibility and Its Benefits

Minimize™ welcomes accessibility expert

Bet Hannon, CEO of BH Business Websites

Bet Hannon, CEO of BH Business Websites

Website accessibility and ADA compliance for your website are becoming increasingly important. Bet’s presentation will serve as an introduction to accessibility, and offer suggestions for your next steps. This webinar will include:

  • A brief non-technical introduction to website accessibility (what IS website accessibility?)
  • Outline five reasons beyond lawsuits that you should embrace website accessibility
  • Offer some practical tips and strategies
  • Describe resources available, including tax credits, insurance and audits

Bet has worked with businesses and nonprofits for over 14 years, helping them build WordPress websites, integrate other communication channels, and learn how to use digital marketing tools more effectively. She is the founder & CEO of BH Business Websites, which designs, builds and maintains websites with a focus on accessibility, including membership and ecommerce sites. Bet lives in Bend, Oregon, and is a co-organizer of the WP Meetup there.