Website Care + Maintenance

We’ve got your back.
Protect your Investment

Is your website slow? Out of date?

What are you risking by not keeping your website updated? Hackers are out there. A random, malicious attack could knock you out.

What would it take to restore your website if it were hacked? Many thousands of dollars, loss of your valuable time, and most importantly – loss of your professional reputation.

Speed, Security, and (whew) Backups

We’ll migrate your website to our state-of-the-art hosting solution *, providing:

  • Incredible performance
  • Continuous uptime and malware monitoring
  • Daily backups

* Additional fee, signup here.

If you prefer to keep your website on your current shared host, we can still help bolster security and set up scheduled off-site backups. Whew!

Professional Service Retainer

You’ll receive dedicated, on-call, professional website support, including, for example:

  • Content changes
  • Updates / revisions
  • WordPress training
  • Troubleshooting
WordPress Core Updates

Your website will be kept up-to-date with the latest WordPress core releases. These are intermittent maintenance and security updates, typically increasing security and patching vulnerabilities or bugs found in previous WordPress releases.

Plugin Updates

Your plugins will be updated on a regular basis, an important part of maintaining the stability and security of your website. Note, some non-free, “paid” plugins may incur additional upgrade/renewal costs, depending on the plugin terms.

Discount on Future Development Services

With your website care plan, you’ll receive an exclusive, preferred discount on future development services, such as: new pages, features, templates, etc.

WordPress Website Care Plans

ALL Plans include ALL of the benefits listed above!


1 Hour per Month

Professional Service Time

( 1 Month at a time )


per month
billed monthly


1 Hour per Month

Professional Service Time

( x 12 Months )

10% Discount

Best Value


per month
billed yearly


1 Hour per Quarter

Professional Service Time

( 2o Minutes per Month )

5% Discount

Most Economical


per month
billed quarterly