Christie Architecture

Lisa and Adam were ready to revamp their previous website we created for them 5 years previously (a century in internet time). They were ready to embrace vertical scrolling. We built a system for them to curate each project page individually with customizable rows, enabling the unique story for each project to be told, beautifully.

A unique push/pull slider was developed to show before and after floor plans / linework, etc; try one out!

+ Design by Kelly Perso Design
+ Development
+ Ongoing Care + Maintenance

We are picky picky architect clients! Colin & Kelly came up with a great design that we loved. They responded to all of our pickiness in a polite way. Sometimes they agreed with our requests, sometimes they challenged us, but that’s a good thing! When there is dialog about how something should ‘be,’ you come up with the best solution (instead of just taking the first idea). We’ve worked with Colin for over 10 years and will continue to work with him in the future!

Lisa Christie
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